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    Carefully selected luxury and delux apartments for rent in prime locations around the world.
  • Great Alternative to Hotels

    Enjoy more space, privacy and flexibility than you may find at hotels. Try something different!

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    Enjoy more amenities than you can find at hotels, including your own kitchen!

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    Really relax and enjoy. Rent from just a couple of days to weeks or months.

  • Many Destinations

    Regardless of where you are going, we would be able to help you to find a luxury or de-luxe apartments for your stay. Even if the city you need is not listed here, do not hesitate to contact us!

Welcome to ApartmentsLuxe

Apartments Luxe is providing upscale lodging and accommodation in de-lux and luxury apartments and executive suites in prime cities around the world.

Our apartments are newly renovated up to Western standard and located in the best possible areas. They are furnished and equiped. You will find here anything you may need - high quality furniture and modern equipment, including cable or satellite TV, telephone, fridge, cooker, kitchen utensils. Many suites have air-conditioning, washing machine, microwave, Jacuzzi, DVD, home cinemas with professional sound system, high-speed Internet, other amenities.

Our accommodations are a great alternative to hotels. You will enjoy much more flexebility, privacy, space and better amenities than you can find in hotels.

Random Apartments

  • Apartment ID: KR1T23

    Apt ID: KR1T23 - Kiev

  • Apartment ID: GH2A84

    Apt ID: GH2A84 - Kiev

  • Apartment ID: MZ3A57

    Apt ID: MZ3A57 - Kiev

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